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Wahey!! We are back. How was your half term? We all really hope you had a fantastic time and stayed safe. We will be catching up on Friday and we can't wait to hear your news. Miss. K will set up a Teams video chat for Friday at 14:15 and send your grown ups an invite. 

Hopefully this week's work will seem a little lighter than usual. You'll have RE work to do on Friday as well as finishing up anything you haven't managed to do in the week. Thursday afternoons is PE so take time to look at the weekly workouts or get outside and get active. The rest of the week is pretty much the same as always. 

Miss. K has really enjoyed looking through the learning journals you sent in. If you didn't manage to get yours in and get a new one, please make that a priority this week. There has been some incredible work handed in and we have all been inspired by how hard you are working at home. We have been working hard in school and are always wondering if you're doing the lessons along with us - turns out you have been!!

Grown ups: we hope you managed to have a bit of a break over the half term. Please try to keep to the sequence of lessons set as they're planned out in a way to support your child to get the best possible outcome. If your child is in school for 3 days a week or less then please ensure you're doing the home learning on the other days. If your child is in school 4-5 days a week then there shouldn't be any home learning required. If there is, we will let you know. Miss. K has put a note on some of the documents suggesting you don't print them - please don't print unless you have to, save your ink and the paper!

Enjoy your week! Remember that we are still SO proud of you, we miss you very much and we are loving seeing your work. We can't wait to talk to you soon! Miss. K's mental health and wellbeing page will be going live this week. 

Miss. Kerwood, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Humphrey :) xx

For those of you that want some extra work or extra support, of course you’re welcome to email but there are some links below that you may find useful. Some of them are also super fun!

SCIENCE: (for all those tricky science questions you always ask!) (loads of awesome videos and experiments to try) (a journey into space with NASA)

MATHS: (maths games and practice) (times tables practice)  (Percy Parker songs) (lots of awesome maths activities that don’t require a tablet/laptop/computer) (curriculum specific maths support, we sometimes use this in school)

GENERAL: (some wonderful mental health and wellbeing stuff here)

PHONICS/READING: (free ebooks) (some advice and support for reading at home)

COMPUTING: (some typing lessons for younger children) (an introduction to coding and animation) (basic coding - Miss. K has been having a go at this one)

PE: (support from our sports coaches) 

WEEK 7 HOME LEARNING WC - 23.02.2021

 Collective Worship and Reflection - Transforming Lives.pdfDownload
 DAILY Morning Starters 23.02.2021.docxDownload
 DAILY PHONICS Week 22.02.2021.pdfDownload
 FRI - RE Lent.pdfDownload
 STEM Balloon Cars.pdfDownload
 STEM Challenge cards.pdfDownload
 STEM Paper Tower Activity.pdfDownload
 THURS LIT - Great Debaters READ FIRST.pdfDownload
 THURS LIT - Persuasive Writing Mat Support.pdfDownload
 THURS LIT - Persuasive Writing.pdfDownload
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 Collective Worship + Reflection - Being Grateful.pdfDownload
 DAILY Morning Starters 08.02.2021.docxDownload
 DAILY PHONICS Week 08.02.2021.pdfDownload
 eSAFETY with Buddy the Dog.pdfDownload
 LIT - Plan A Fairytale Sheet.pdfDownload
 LIT Plan A Fairytale PRESENTATION.pdfDownload
 MATHS Chapter 6 Review.pdfDownload
 MATHS Measurement Assessment 1.pdfDownload
 MATHS Reasoning Assessment 1.pdfDownload
 PSHE Fire Safety Lesson Presentation.pdfDownload
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WEEK 5 NATIONAL storytelling week wc: 01.02.2021

 Collective Worship and Reflection - How Is Your Attitude.pdfDownload
 EXP Colouring Changing Potion.pdfDownload
 EXP Dancing Raisins.pdfDownload
 EXP Fireworks in a Glass.pdfDownload
 EXP Lava Lamp.pdfDownload
 EXP Magic Potion 1.pdfDownload
 EXP Magic Potion 2.pdfDownload
 PE - Lockdown Activities.pdfDownload
 RE - The Wise Man and The Foolish Man.pdfDownload
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Week 4 Home Learning 25.02.2021

 DAILY Collective Worship and Reflection - Having a Fresh Start.pdfDownload
 DAILY Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 DAILY Morning Starters 25.01.21.docxDownload
 DAILY PHONICS Week 25.01.2021.pdfDownload
 FRI - PHONICS ew Phoneme Spotter.pdfDownload
 FRI - PHONICS ph Phoneme Spotter.pdfDownload
 FRI - PHONICS wh Phoneme Spotter.pdfDownload
 FRI - RE - The Marvellous Picnic.pdfDownload
 Maths Page 187.pngDownload
 Maths Page 188.pngDownload
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Week 3 Home Learning WC 18.01.2021

 ASSEMBLY - What the Future Holds.pdfDownload
 DAILY Morning Starters 18.01.21.docxDownload
 DAILY PHONICS Week 18.01.21.pptxDownload
 FRI - LIT Fairy Tale Journey.pptxDownload
 FRI - RE Good Samaritan Parable.pdfDownload
 LIT - SUPPORT Emotion Thesaurus.pdfDownload
 LIT - SUPPORT Setting Adjectives.pdfDownload
 Maths Page 155.pngDownload
 Maths Page 156.pngDownload
 Maths Page 157.pngDownload
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 Apple and Grape Frog Recipe.pdfDownload
 Banana Boat Recipe.pdfDownload
 Bear on Toast Recipe.pdfDownload
 Caterpillar Salad Recipe.pdfDownload
 Crunchy Rainbow Pasta Salad Recipe.pdfDownload
 Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe.pdfDownload
 Fairtrade Fortnight Lemonade Recipe.pdfDownload
 Little Red Riding Hood Recipe.pdfDownload
 Magic Wand Fruit Kebabs Recipe.pdfDownload
 Owl on Toast Recipe.pdfDownload
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Week 2 Home Learning WC: 11.01.2021

 ASSEMBLY - What is around the Corner.pdfDownload
 DAILY Morning Starters 11.01.21.docxDownload
 DAILY PHONICS Week 11.01.21.pptxDownload
 FRI - Phonics Phoneme Spotter 1.pdfDownload
 FRI - Phonics Phoneme Spotter 2.pdfDownload
 FRI - Phonics Phoneme Spotter 3.pdfDownload
 FRI - RE The Lost Sheep.pdfDownload
 Maths Page 115.pngDownload
 Maths Page 116.pngDownload
 Maths Page 117.pngDownload
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WC 04.01.2021

 Fri - LIT Fairy Tales 5.pptxDownload
 Fri - LIT Story Board Dice Prompt.pdfDownload
 Fri - LIT Story Opener Sheet.docDownload
 Fri - RE Who is Christian.pdfDownload
 Maths Page 57.pngDownload
 Maths Page 58.pngDownload
 Maths Page 59.pngDownload
 Maths Page 60.pngDownload
 Maths Page 63.pngDownload
 Maths Page 64.pngDownload
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