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Corfield Church of England Infant School

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Curriculum Intent - Computing

At Corfield our aim is to give all children the opportunity to learn and develop in their IT skills. We are aware that Corfield is in a working class area with children from varied backgrounds and some who have very limited availability to IT resources. Therefore at Corfield Infants we have ensured that each class has access to a wide range of ‘smart’ technology. The children have access to smart interactive whiteboards, class computers and laptops, iPads, Bee-Bots, cameras and CD players, which all help to teach the children key IT skills related to their age. Staff are committed to preparing the children with IT skills that they need to live in the technological world we are in.

In Reception class IT skills are taught through play; children have access to an interactive whiteboard, class computers, Bee-Bots and iPads. Children get to play with specific games and apps that develop their IT skills as well as physical development such as hand-eye coordination. There are a wide range of apps available that help develop learning in Reading, Writing, Number, Science and Computing.

In Year 1 and Year 2 children have access to resources used in Reception and laptops; and some IT lessons take place where specific skills are taught. The children consolidate prior learning and build on IT skills already developed. Topic learning is a key way the children apply skills learnt and have access to all the IT resources we have in school. Wokingham IT Scheme of work is interwoven into the class topics we do each term to ensure children have access to all strands of IT learning.

E-safety lessons take place each term with a set E-safety curriculum designed for each year group. Children are taught the importance of staying safe on line and build on prior learning.