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Corfield Church of England Infant School

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Literacy Curriculum Intent

Corfield is in a working class area with children from varied backgrounds. Some of our parents express a lack of confidence in their own reading and writing skills. We therefore have implemented Read, Write, Inc (RWI), a scheme of work that incorporates the teaching of Phonics, Reading and Writing through daily lessons. The learning is progressive and allows for consolidation of prior learning as well as teaching new skills. 

Phonics learning is crucial to help children read and write; RWI teach Phonics in a very pictorial way and uses key phrases to help children remember the sounds. The phonic learning is tied closely to the Reading books used in the scheme and the writing activities give opportunities to apply the skills taught. 

RWI is taught in Reception and Year 1 throughout the year. Year 2 continue RWI for the first term only.

In Reception, the primary focus is teaching individual sounds and building children’s familiarity with these sounds through letter formation activities and reading simple decodable words. Writing activities are closely linked to the Reading books used in the scheme to ensure fluidity in learning. The levels covered in this year group are – Red and Green.

In Year 1, we continue building on the skills acquired in Reception and learn more complex sounds through Phonics teaching. Children progress up the scheme and read harder books with more complex sounds. The writing activities reflect what is taught in phonics and develop different styles of writing. The levels covered in this year group are – Pink, Orange and Yellow. 

In Year 2 RWI provide opportunities for consolidation of prior learning and further develop the skills taught in Phonics, Reading and Writing. Different genres are introduced through the reading books and writing activities. The level covered in this year group is Blue.