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School work

Dear Reception Parents,

Hello to everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the day and keeping safe and well. We are at the end of the academic year and wow what a year we've had! The year started off correctly but who would have guessed we would have a strange last 4 months. The children have worked really hard this year and moved on in their learning. I'm so proud of what they have achieved and happy with the grades they got. Thank you to all my parents for working hard to teach their child the work I set since mid March. I am so proud of you all for becoming teachers and delivering my lessons. It was lovely to hear from you all in the phone calls I made this week and I did manage to catch most of you in. I promised to make available all the work I planned from week 1 to week 17 which you can find below. Plus I have added some worksheets the children can do to make them ready for Year 1. Please check out Mrs Wilson's and Mrs Hill's class page for additional work your child can do over the summer. Also check out the WELCOME BACK tab in the Main Menu to remind you of the starting and finishing times in September. 

I've added some additional information about how school will look for all children in September:-

  • The Year 1 teachers are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Hill, the class Teacher Assistants are Mrs Carter and Mrs Humphrey. 
  • The children will have to wash their hands through out the day to keep everyone safe from germs.
  • All classes will be kept separate during the school day so there will be no collective time as a school.
  • Dinners will take place in each class and Playtimes will be staggered.
  • Your child only needs to bring their school bag and a water bottle - no toys from home please.
  • Year 1 will be doing PE on Thursday and Friday afternoons with a PE Coach, they need to come dressed in their sports clothes on these days since PE kits will not be kept in school. This will start in the second full week (week beginning 14th September).
  • Please bring any work the children have been doing during Lockdown to school so I can see how clever the children have become.
  • All the Reception work your child has done will sent home on Friday 4th September with your child.  

The children will return to school on Thursday 3rd September and will come back into our Reception class. They will spend the day with me and on Friday morning I will teach the children in their new classroom then Mrs Hill will take over in the afternoon. We are hoping this will help the children to settle back into school after such a long time away. 


Here is a reminder of all the new sounds we have learnt, these are all set 2 sounds which means the children are now ready for Year 1. Thank you for teaching these sounds to your child. Remember to keep practicing set 1 sounds as well. 

ay - May I play? ay                           oo - Poo at the zoo. oo          ir - Whirl and twirl. ir 

ee - What can you see? ee               oo - Look at a book. oo          air - That's not fair. air

igh - Fly high. igh                             or - Shut the door. or

ow - Blow the snow. ow                     oy - Enjoy the toy. oy

ar - Start the car. ar                       ou - Shout it out. ou 


I hope I have covered all the information you need to help you feel happy that your child will be coming back at school in September. All staff members will do their best to keep your child safe at school. Enjoy your summer holiday and I will see you all in September. I can't wait to be a class again! Miss Raju

PS Don't forget you can buy the set 2 sound cards from Amazon for £7. (See the picture below)


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