Thorpes Road, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7GQ

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Corfield Church of England Infant School

Memory Box



* Design a frame to put your family portrait in. *Making a memory box

Parents Join in

*Invite grandparents in and have a question and answer session Parents to come in to talk about toys from the past and to make??? 


*Recount of visit.

*Instructions – how to make a


*List of items for a Teddy Bears


*Non-fiction writing – What can

a baby do?

*Letter – asking grandparents

what their favourite toy was.

*Description of your favourite


*Diary entry of your favourite



*Compare interests now and when I was a baby.

*Timeline of human growth (baby to elderly)

*Explain how teddy bears have changed (old and new bears) *Compare new and old toys. How have they changed?

*Walk around Heanor and complete a worksheet of identifying buildings from the past.


*Locate on map where I was

born and friends in the class on

a local map.

*Locate on a map where we

have been on holiday

*Describe places where people

live and work and how they are

different (key human features,

including: city, town, village,

factory, farm, house, office,

port, harbour and shop)

*Walk around Heanor and

identify buildings from the past.



*Sketch a picture of a celebration (party, wedding, christening)

*Collage a memory box using Piet Mondrian style art work

* Learn about artist Leonardo da Vinci using line, shape & form and create a self portrait Wang Yni (1975) Chinese artist began painting at age of 2 ½

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