What happens when I fall asleep?


A journey to the moon – Pyjama day.

-Numberblocks program for Maths to gain deeper understanding of each number.


-Adding 1 more

-Finding 1 less

-Using mathematical language

-Constellation patterns

-Taller and shorter

Lullabies and bedtime stories afternoon

-What would I take to the moon?

-My favourite nocturnal animal is …

-I would like to be a …

-Sequence and label a bedtime routine

-RWI sessions – Learning new sounds, beginning to do paired reading and writing sentences.

-RWI – Reinforcing sounds already covered

-Internet safety

-Road safety

-Safety in the home

-Stranger danger

-PSHE – Our routines. The importance of sleep and rest.

-I can be a superstar!

-RE – Who created the world? Who created the moon and the stars?

-What does nocturnal mean?

-Which animals sleep in the day time?

-Who works at night?

-How do they help people?

-What is your bedtime routine?

-Why is it important to have a routine?

-Why is it important to get plenty of sleep?

-Building a dream world

-Moonscape small world play

-Our solar system

-The night sky

-Nocturnal animals

-Singing lullabies

-Who works at night?

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