What's that sound?

Listening Walk – We will be going on a walk in the local area, trying to hear and distinguish between sounds which are manmade and natural. 

-Numberblocks program for Maths to gain deeper understanding of each number.


-Adding and subtracting

-Factors of 7

-Number bonds

-Partitioning numbers

-Odd and even

Parents join in Making instruments – Parents are invited to join us for a junk modelling instruments session. 

-Initial letter sorting

-Onomatopoeia – reading, writing and

making the sounds.

-Labelling instruments

-RWI sessions – Learning new sounds,

beginning to do paired reading and writing


-RWI – Reinforcing sounds already covered

and learning to hear sounds in words.

World Book Day - A visit to the library

-We’re Going on a Bear Hunt themed day

-Map making

-Acting out the story

-Playing a ‘Bear’ listening game PSHE and RE

– Which places are special and why?

-A quiet place (the importance of stillness and quiet)

-What can you hear?

-What made that sound?

-Can you make a loud sound?

-Can you make a quiet sound?

-How does that sound make you feel?

-What is silence?

-How many different sounds can you hear?

-How can you make a sound?


-Rhyme time

-Instrument corner

– can you make up a tune?

-Musical statues

-March to the beat!


-What’s my name?

– instruments from around the world.

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