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School Work Week 5

Hello Year 2! We miss you! How are you all? Are you staying safe and well? We would love to hear from you and see some of your lovely work. We have had some AMAZING stuff so far, keep it coming - it makes us so happy to see it. Thank you to everyone who has sent work in and sent us lovely messages too. 

Wow, I can't believe we are in the 5th week already. It's so strange planning work for you to do and not being able to help and celebrate it with you. We hope you enjoy doing it as much as we enjoy planning it for you. If there are things you would be interested to learn about or subjects you're stuck on then please let us know. 

Here is your next lot of work. Keep up the fabulous effort! You are all doing so well. Remember to say a big BIG thank you to your grown ups for keeping up all your teaching while you are off.

NB. Grown ups, you're going to put us out of a job!! Seriously though, thank you so much to all of you for all of your endless hard work keeping the children engaged and learning during this time. We know it can't be easy so as always, we are really grateful. 

NUMERACY: Do the quick maths as you have been doing, one page per day. Then complete two of the arithmetic tests over the week. Don't worry if you can't do it all in one go - you can split it up over the day. 

LITERACY: This week you have two things to do over the week. First is some reading comprehension, read the 'practice' document first and go through this with your grown ups before you have a go at the task. Split this up over a few days if you need to. The second task is a writing task about the Queen's birthday. The tasks are on the presentation document so make sure you read through all of it. 

PHONICS: carry on as usual. 

SPELLINGS: now it's not the 'Easter holidays' I have given you some spellings again. They follow the same format as when we do them in class so make sure you tell your grown ups to encourage you to do it like we usually do. Practice the spellings out loud first then copy them into your handwriting books - NEATEST WRITING!!

TOPIC: This week it is Earth Day (22nd) and Creativity and Innovation Day (21st) - there are a range of documents that will keep you occupied all week, if not longer depending on how creative you get!! 

Firstly have a look at the 'TUES' document and have a think about when you will do the tasks. Then have a look at the 'WEDS' documents and have a think about when you will do these. There are some extra scavenger hunts to do when you're on your walks or around the garden as well as an Earth Day Art project for you. 

SCIENCE: There are two more experiment sheets for you to have a go at, at home. We would love to see if you have managed to do any of these. One is similar to one we have done before, maybe you can show your grown ups what we did before?

EXTRAS: If you haven't managed to do everything from the previous weeks then you can go back and have a look to see if you could do a little extra this week. Don't forget to get some PE and music into each week as well. I have put the 'Music at Home' and some PE challenges on for you. There is also some yoga moves you could do, they help you to relax. 


Good luck with everything, stay safe and happy. Hopefully we will see you soon. 

Miss. K, Mrs. C and Mrs. H xx :)

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