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School Work Week 16

Hi Year 2, 

Well we never thought we would get to here, 16 weeks of learning from home and 16 weeks of missing you all loads. Miss. K, Mrs. H and Mrs. C have been so pleased to see your work and hear what you've been up to this week. It was amazing to see some of you this week when you've been bringing us work, introducing siblings to reception or passing by. It really makes us smile to see you all.

Hopefully by now you have all read your school reports. We wrote them so long ago, we are sure we would have lots more wonderful things to put in them by now. Miss. K is trying to call all your parents to check in and make sure you're all okay and were happy with the reports. This is taking some time so bear with her! Hopefully she will manage to speak to all of you before Friday. We will send out time slots for Friday JUST IN CASE we have to go with a rainy plan B but keep everything crossed for a sunny plan A. We will let you know on THURSDAY which plan we are going ahead with, so far it's looking good weather wise. 

For someone that always has a lot to say, I don't know what to say on our final home learning page (Miss. K talking now, don't worry - Mrs. H has told me to get my tissues ready for Friday!) I have sat and stared at the screen for ages, thinking about the perfect way to end our lockdown learning. Truth is, there is no perfect way to end it and there's never a perfect way to say goodbye. The last few months have been a challenge for you all. I know I speak for all of the year 2 team when I say; I have been blown away by your hard work and dedication, your motivation to keep busy and your resilience in the face of so much change. You have been so brave and so grown up. You are all absolutely amazing. This isn't how I expected year 2 to end and I hate that nothing I could say would make it seem any better. So I won't try, instead I will just say this...keep learning, keep smiling, keep being honest, keep being kind, keep asking questions, keep being curious, keep exploring, keep being brave and most of all, keep being yourselves. We WILL see you all again and, if you want to, we would love it if you keep in touch. I won't say goodbye because it's just too final, instead I'll just say 'see you later'. 

So, here we go with the last lot of lovely lockdown learning (plenty of alliteration there for Mrs. C):

PHONICS: Keep practising your sounds every day and have a go at the mystery challenges.

SPELLINGS: Keep going as you have done. Ask your grown ups to make you a small list from the bigger list and practise them in your spelling books every day. 

SPAG: There is a mystery game for you to have a go at. 

SCIENCE: There are a couple of little home experiments for you to try. If science is your thing and you want to keep going over the summer then check out the "Science at Home" document that we put on right at the start. 

MATHS: Same as last week, have a look at the Year 3 Maths Part 3' document that will tell you what to expect from Year 3 maths. Then have a read through the GEOMETRY READ ME FIRST document and work through that and the activities. Then move on to the MEASUREMENT READ ME FIRST document and work through that and the activities. 

SPREAD YOUR WINGS PROJECT: Start with reading the INTRO file and go from there. There are plenty of activities to engage with in relation to the story of "The Cautious Caterpillar", a story of change and growth. It is a lovely story and we know you will enjoy reading it - see if you can make it come alive as much as Mrs. H does when she tells you stories. It covers some literacy, reading, music and cooking!

MUSIC: We have put the "Music at Home" document back on for you for ideas of how to stay musical through the summer. 

PE: We have put the "PE at Home" document back on for you for ideas of how to stay active through the summer. 

WELLBEING: two of the documents from last week are back on, just in case you were still working through them. We know you are tired and emotional so make sure you're making time to relax, dance, draw, read, listen to music, go for walks, play with your family and talk about how you're feeling. If you want further information or to look for ideas to keep your mind happy over the summer, have a look here

SUMMER PREP: Included under this heading are a series of activities you can continue to work on over the summer. There is the spelling list for year 3 if you want to get a head start, some times tables challenge booklets and some support to learn your 3, 4 and 8 times tables a little better and an awesome reading challenge to try to complete. Use the daily timetable as a suggestion of things you can practise every day even if it is just for a few minutes. Look back over the documents about year 3 maths if you need some more ideas. There are so many good resources online (OakAcademy, Hamilton Trust, Pobble 365, NCETM, Twinkl, BBC Teach/Bitesize) and some advised Government links here If you really want to get ahead of the game and keep your brains active through the summer you could see what is on the curriculum at Mundy for next term Things may change but it will give you an idea of what to expect next term. There's a lovely welcome video from Mundy on their website too

Grown ups, I promised myself I would try not to make any of you cry this week so hopefully it goes without saying that I have the utmost respect for how you've kept going through this time. I don't know how you've done it but we are all SO grateful for the input you've given in terms of the work that was set. Looking through the work we have received, speaking to the children and working with those that have been in shows us that all the children have made progress and are HAPPY. That is more than good enough for us. Well done all of you. Friday afternoon...find a quiet corner, put your feet up, pour a glass of something delicious and give yourselves a massive "1, 2, 3, well done me" for being totally amazing. You did it!!

Right, that's enough mushy stuff for now.  

See you later, 

Miss. K, Mrs. H and Mrs. C

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