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School Work Week 15

Hiiiiiii Year 2! It was so so SO lovely to see most of your smiling faces this week. I hope you've all had chance to relax this weekend and are all happy. Let us know what you're getting up to. Thank you so much to those of you that gave us cards and gifts this week. Your kindness is very touching. 

I hope all your grown ups have had chance to read your school reports and that you all got some huge WELL DONES! You've been superstars all year and we are all immensely proud of you. 

We also hope you got your invitations to our little end of term celebration. We know it isn't quite what you would have expected, it isn't quite what we had planned for you either BUT at least we can all be together. There was a point over the last few months we didn't think we would be able to do it at all so we are excited that we we always say, there's always a silver lining. Your endless hard work and passion for learning has been the silver lining of lockdown and you all deserve so much praise for that. Click here for the invite to the meet up. 

It is really important that those of you that haven't completed the transition documents do so ASAP. We really need to get them sent to your new schools. The most important bits are the portrait, the letter, the recount, the proud cloud and the profile. Miss. K went to Mundy this week to give them some information about all of you. They are so excited to meet you all and they have lots of exciting things planned for you. It sounds like they have some wonderful teachers, some really fantastic topics and clubs that you will all enjoy. Miss. K knows you are going to love it. They are prepared for the fact that you will all be a little nervous but they have lots of lovely things in place to help you. Miss. K was so proud to be able to sit with the staff there and tell them how amazing you are, how hard you work, how thoughtful you are, how much you smile and laugh, how many different talents you all have and how incredibly kind you all are. They will be so lucky to have you all in September, just like we have been lucky to have you this year. 

We are in the second to last week of lock down learning now, so here it is. Make sure you're still keeping up with the daily timetable we posted last week (Miss. K has posted it again):

PHONICS: Keep going with your daily sounds as well as having a go at these mystery challenges. We thought we should give you something a little more exciting to tackle for the last couple of weeks. 

SPELLINGS: Keep going with the common exception words. If you really want a challenge then have a look online at the spelling list for year 3. 

MATHS: There is the usual QUICK MATHS document to whizz through then there is a series of FRACTION challenges and STATISTICS challenges. Read the FRACTION READ ME FIRST document for attempting the other bits and bobs. Then move on to STATISTICS. Instructions on how to help and when to do the other activities are on the documents. There is also "Year 3 Maths Part 2" to read to give you an idea of where the maths journey will be taking you all next year. 

LITERACY: Miss. K spoke to one of you this week about asking good questions, explaining yourself and challenging things. This got her thinking so she has put together bits and bobs that will get your cogs turning. In year 3 you will be expected to ask amazing questions and give thoughtful answers. We KNOW you can do it already but have a practise as you make your way through this document. (Don't worry grown ups, I haven't asked them to figure out the meaning of life...)

SCIENCE: There are a few fun experiments for you to have a go at. Miss. K is going to try some this week so let her know how you get on.

WELLBEING: This has been an emotional and challenging time so it's good to take a little time to reflect and allow yourself to recognise how you have felt about everything. Have a look at a few of the wellbeing activities and try and make some time FOR YOU and to RELAX. It is okay to be sad, angry, happy, excited etc about lockdown and about moving school. Lots of things are changing outside in the world at the moment and that may make you feel a certain way too. ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS ARE OKAY but make sure you speak to people, don't keep them all inside. 

As always; stay safe, stay smiley and stay you! We miss you. 

Miss. K, Mrs. H and Mrs. C :) xx

Week 15 Work

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