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School Work Week 14

Hello to our WONDERFUL Year 2 class. 

We know that by now you all must know that we won't be seeing you back in class again. This IS NOT goodbye, more like...see you later. We are sure you are VERY sad and believe us...WE ARE TOO. We miss you lots! We miss seeing your smiling faces, making you laugh, hearing you read, listening to all your news, celebrating your victories and helping you to grow. We think about you every day and are always so pleased to hear from you. 

Thank you to those of you that have emailed us consent to use your photos in the leavers pack and those of you that have sent us your TERRIFIC transition work. There are still some bits outstanding so please ask your grown ups for help in getting this done. 

Miss. K, Mrs, H and Mrs. C are working hard with Mrs. Bignall to try and figure out a way of us all getting to see each other before the school year is done. We will let you know as soon as we have figured this out, keep your fingers crossed. Miss. K is also going to visit Mundy School this week to meet some of the staff, have a look around and tell them all about how amazing you are and how lucky they will be to have you next year. They are all so excited to meet you and Miss. K is very proud to be going there to 'show off' what an amazing class she's had the privilege of working with this year. 

Work from now on will look a little different. We will be sending you lots of revision booklets, help for your grown ups and some transition work for you to do. We will send you less topic work but if you can, you should try to do something creative each week. We are also putting some transition booklets and work on the 'Transition Activities' page so make sure you head over there and check that out. 

Week 14 Work:

We have designed a daily timetable to help make sure you focus on the things that really matter. You should aim to spend at least 15 minutes a day on EACH of the activities on the timetable. These will keep your brains sharp for September. Throughout the work, both on here and the transition page, you will see a lot of repetition - don't worry, this is purposeful. We need to focus on revising the basics and the foundations so that all children go back as confident as possible in year 3. This is what we would be doing in class right now in preparation. 

Phonics: there is the usual document as well as sound mats for phase 3, 4 and 5. Make sure you're practising these every day. 

Spellings: instead of one little list to work from we have given you the big list of common exception words to keep working at. These are the tricky words that are a little naughty and don't always follow the rules. Ask your grown ups to help you make a list of 10-20 to work on each week. 

Maths: there are lots of marvellous maths booklets to look at that go hand in hand with the Intro to Year 3 document we have written for your grown ups. Grown ups - have a look at the document please. It's an overview of what will be taught in year 3 (just half of it for now) and ways in which you can help prepare your children for the coming academic year. There are activities to go along with it. 

Science: there are some really cool experiments you can do easily with household items. Have a look below and see what takes your fancy. Let us see what you manage to get up to!

Getting active: With the weather, mostly, improving again - we are sure you are all outside. There is a great document from Derbyshire School Sports about hosting your own sports day as well as lots of activity ideas. Here are some more awesome ideas of how to stay active whilst not getting out!

Topic: we haven't set you specific topic work this week. It is Children's Art Week so get your creative caps on....are they on? Good! We would love to see you let your imaginations go wild and draw, paint, make, build, photograph or even sew ANYTHING you like. You might choose to do something different every day or make it a week long project. There are some documents below that would make some good starting points. Here are some more ideas;

  • You could research a famous artist and try to mimic something of theirs. 
  • You could do something to represent your favourite book or topic from this year. 
  • You could make a model of your favourite animal, food, person, building, piece of nature or even yourself. 
  • You could experiment with different ways of drawing, painting or sketching. 
  • You could see what you can make from things you find in the garden. 
  • You could turn science or food into art.
  • Don't forget that dance, music and drama are also forms of art.
  • The possibilities are endless...

As always, we are here if you need anything. We look forward to receiving the rest of your transition work. Miss. K will be in touch with your grown ups when things change on the website or she has news from your new school. We are very busy behind the scenes trying to get things right for you - bear with us. 

Year 2 - you're awesome, we think you all rock and we are so proud of you for continuing to 'smash it' through lock down. It doesn't seem this way now but when you're older, you will look back on this time and see how important it is in our history because YOU ALL helped keep the country safe...HOW COOL IS THAT?! You will have lots of stories to tell and you will have learned so much being at home and surrounded by your families. Keep your heads held high, make sure you talk to people if you are worried and remember there is always a silver lining. 

Speak to you soon!!

Miss. K, Mrs. H and Mrs. C :) xx


 ART - Carnation Colours.pdfDownload
 ART - Grow a Rainbow.pdfDownload
 ART - Kaleidoscope.pdfDownload
 ART - Paper-Towel-Colour-Mixing-Awe-and-Wonder-Science-Activity.pdfDownload
 ART - Rainbow-Colour-Mixing-Awe-and-Wonder-Science-Activity.pdfDownload
 ART - Soap Bubble Art.pdfDownload
 MATHS - Quick Maths Week 14.pdfDownload
 PE Derbyshire Sport - Home Sports Day.pdfDownload
 PHONICS - Week 14.pdfDownload
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