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School Work Week 13

Hello again year 2. This week has gone so fast. We can't believe it's time to say hello again already! How are you all? Happy, we hope?

It was so lovely to bump into some of you this week, coming to get extra books or walking past school. It really made us smile to see you! Please make sure you're all getting your transition activities done so Miss. K can start sending them off for you. Thank you to those of you that have already done it! They're amazing. 

We are still missing you lots and so sad that we cannot see you yet, but we love hearing all your news so keep it coming. Miss. K will be in touch when she can but we are always here if you need us. 

Here is the next lot of work for you. Have a go and give it your best shot, you know that's all we ever ask. If you're struggling, take some time out to do something nice and have a wiggle about to get rid of some energy. Well done for staying so brave and strong. You inspire us all every day. We really are SO SO proud of you. 

PHONICS + SPELLING: Same as always except the spellings are a little longer this week. There are two word searches this week. 

LITERACY: Your literacy tasks are covered in your topic tasks. We know it's getting a little harder to stay motivated to do long bits of writing so we have made it a little shorter for you. 

MATHS: There is a the usual quick maths challenge and a reasoning challenge to do. We would love it if you would keep up with your normal morning activities from week 11 and 12. How about you set yourself the challenge of learning your 4 times tables? Can you find the link between the 2s and the 4s?

SPAG: There are two challenge papers to have a go at this week, don't worry - we have covered it all in class before. 

TOPIC: It is LGBT Pride Month, Global Rainforest Day (22nd) and International UFO Day (24th) this week. You have a story and a presentation to read for Pride Month. There are challenges at the end of the document as well as a colouring sheet. Then there is a rainforest topic project to do with a lovely art challenge to finish. We thought that was enough to keep you busy so your UFO topic is a creative project. We have put together some craft ideas for you - try to make something out of this world! If this is something that interests you then why don't you extend the project and do some research or make us a poster? Feel free to extend any of the projects if you need to stay busy on these rainy days. 

Keep going with your 30 Days Wild challenges, Joyful June tasks and keeping your diary. Reading is also a priority at the moment, remember to put lots of drama into it like Miss. K does! Keeping trying practise your RWI speed sounds and times tables every day too. 

Keep smiling and keep safe. We think you're all incredible (your grown ups too!). 

Speak to you again soon, 

Miss. K, Mrs. C and Mrs. H :) xx


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