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School Work Week 12

Hello Year 2. So lovely to hear what you have been up to this week. We hope you are all keeping well and are safe and happy. We are still missing you LOADS. 

Thank you to everyone still sending work in, it will be on the website this week. We know it is getting harder to keep motivated now the sun is shining more and the weeks are adding up. Well done to all of you for continuing to keep busy and stay smart. We are so proud of all of you. We have made the work a little easier this week and given you lots of things to help you keep revising the things you know. There are some nice topic projects to do. Make sure you are still getting lots of time outside and enjoying lots of wonderful family time. It is important to keep making memories during this time. However, if you need more work - just let Miss. K know and she will be happy to send you something more. 

We hope you have all managed to have a look at the transition activities and have started to make progress on these. Please make these your priority before you do anything else. There will be an update on the transition page this week with some things to try and help you and your families get ready for moving to a new school. We know it is an emotional time for all of you, it is for us as well (especially Miss. K). If you need some support - get in touch, please. 

PHONICS + SPELLINGS: Keep going as usual. 

LITERACY: It was Judith Kerr's birthday on Sunday 14th June. We have designed you a project to celebrate one of her most favourite books. We have read it in class this year and you all loved it so we hope you love the project too. 

SPAG: There are two challenge papers to have a look at. There are all questions we will have worked on before so hopefully these won't be too tricky for you. 

MATHS: There are three tasks to have a go at. One is the new everyday activities challenge to keep your minds sharp. Then there is another reasoning challenge as well as a refresher on money. 

TOPIC: Read through the topic projects and follow the instructions. There are a few special days to think about this week. 

WELL BEING: We have reposted the Joyful June and 30 Days Wild projects to give you some ideas to keep up with. 

Keep up the great work and keep smiling. We are thinking of you all. 

Miss. K, Mrs. C and Mrs. H :) xx

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