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School Work Week 10

Hello Year 2! Did you have a good half term? The weather has been fabulous so we hope you have all been outside lots of getting lots of fresh air!!

The Year 2 team are still missing you loads and we are so upset about the Government's decision not to have you back in school yet. But remember, it is to keep you safe. Your education is important but the MOST important thing is that you are safe and happy. 

Miss. K is going to update the 'Celebrate Our Work' page soon as you've sent some amazing things. Sorry they haven't gone on already. Miss. K is also going to update the 'Big Hello' page with messages from all of us this week. We have all had very busy but lovely half term holidays. It's Miss. K's birthday on Tuesday and she is really upset she won't get to see you all. If we see you before school finishes we shall make sure we have some cake to celebrate. Obviously Miss. K will be spending the day eating cheese and enjoying the sunshine but it would have been great to see all your smiling faces. Mrs. H and Mrs. C have had a lovely half term, we missed Mrs. H's birthday too so if any of you see her in or around school make sure you wish her a belated happy birthday! Mrs. C has been getting involved in a great new hobby at home with her family, you will see it when we update the 'Big Hello' page!

We are now in week 10 of learning from home. We are sure that it is getting hard to stay motivated and it's probably starting to feel a little wonky to be working from home but TRY and keep up the great work.  We are so proud of all of you and all of your parents for coping so well and trying to keep sharp. Please keep sending us your work so we can see all the fabulous things you're doing and keep in touch with you. Miss. K will try and call you all again soon - sorry to those of you who got voicemails...we WILL speak soon. Feel free to call school if you need anything. 

So here is your week 10 work. It looks like a lot but lots of it is little ideas for work and lots of short, snappy bits that should be easy to do in between sunbathing, water fights, paddling pool splashing and ice creams. 

PHONICS + SPELLINGS: Keep going as usual. 

MATHS: There is the usual Quick other bits to have a go at. One is about multiplication and division and the other is about shape. 

LITERACY: Check out the literacy challenge document. There are three challenges to have a go at this week. 

SPAG: There are two bits of work for SPAG this week. One is about plurals and the other is about possessive apostrophes. If you have a go at the apostrophes one before starting your spellings, it will help you out!

TOPIC: You should all have realised by now that Miss. K LOVES a celebration day. Check out the Topic - Celebration Days document and it'll tell you what to do for your topic work this week. 

WELL-BEING ACTIVITIES: Make sure you make lots of time to appreciate how glorious the weather is. Get a nice cool drink, plaster on the suntan lotion, put your sun hat on and get outside. Take note of the changes in nature too! It is a really beautiful time of year. Also make sure you're having some relaxed activities like reading, listening to music, drawing, playing games with your family, yoga and cooking. You will be learning so much without realising and that is always really valuable. 

PE: Keep doing what you have been doing on previous weeks but try and make sure you get some exercise every day. It doesn't matter if it isn't what we have sent home - just stay active. 


Note for parents from Miss. K - I know some of voiced your concerns about transitions and the end of year 2. Please rest assured that we will keep you as updated as possible. Government guidance is changing almost daily and we are working hard to keep updated and keep you informed. If you have questions then please don't be afraid to ask. I can guarantee you that we have just as many questions!! It is a minefield. Some of you also voiced concerns about wavering motivation from the children when it comes to the school work. As much as I would love you to complete everything we send home, we understand that it is difficult with everything else that is going on. Please don't worry - make safety, happiness and positive mental health your priority. The children are learning all the time through the wonderful things you do with them. We can help them catch up when the time comes. Try not to think about the time they've lost at school and think instead about how much extra time you've all gained together and how many incredible memories you have made during this time. It isn't how any of us saw this year going but there's always a silver lining!

Stay safe, smile lots and keep up the great work the best you can. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!! We are SO proud of each and every one of you. 

Miss. K, Mrs. C and Mrs. H xx :)

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