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Parents: Help from Home.

** Work for students who have recently been absent/shielding is under the HOME LEARNING tab **


We follow the Read, Write Inc scheme for phonics. By now the children will have learned and should all be confident with the set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. You can help them by using the cards given to you in Year 1 to practice them daily or at least every other day. Having a secure foundation in phonics will ensure the children can tackle their reading books with more confidence and can become independent spellers. The children will all be completing the national Phonics Screening Check as well this year so supporting them from home is really important. (free ebooks) (some advice and support for reading at home)

Click here for a parents guide. 

Click below for links to the sound sets.

Set 1 sounds.

Set 2 and 3 sounds. 


Year 2 will be continuing with spellings as they did in year 1. A list of ten spellings will be sent home on a Thursday for the children to learn over the week. The spelling test will be held the following Thursday after lunch. These spellings will be taken from the National Curriculum Framework. We will try to pick ones we are going to be using a lot for certain topics to give the children a good start at being more confident writers. We will teach the spellings to the children during a lesson so we have time to discuss the rule and have a practice altogether. They will then need to ensure they are practicing them daily at home. The children will bring home a slip on Thursday/Friday so you can see how they’ve done. If they need to continue with a little more practice we will write this on the slip so you know which spellings to help with. 

Click here for some tips for home practice. 


On top of the spellings homework there will be weekly topic homework sent home. This will either be as pre learning for a new topic or to consolidate prior learning. It is crucial that the work is the child's although they will value your support. We thank you in advance for supporting with the completion of the homework. 


It is of the utmost importance that your child reads with an adult every day. They will be read with by school staff on top of this but your support at home is vital to their ongoing success. Please ensure your child brings their reading book and reading record to school every day. Their reading records are an important part of us being able to track their engagement with reading at home and assessing their progress. Please ensure ALL reads are dated and a comment on progress is made. We also need to see their records weekly to track their progress on this years reading rainbow. (free ebooks) (some advice and support for reading at home)

 SCIENCE: (for all those tricky science questions you always ask!) (loads of awesome videos and experiments to try) (a journey into space with NASA)

MATHS: (maths games and practice) (times tables practice)  (Percy Parker songs) (lots of awesome maths activities that don’t require a tablet/laptop/computer) (curriculum specific maths support, we sometimes use this in school)

GENERAL: (some wonderful mental health and wellbeing stuff here) 

COMPUTING: (some typing lessons for younger children) (an introduction to coding and animation) (basic coding)

PE: (support from our sports coaches)

Phonics Speed Sounds

Prior Homework and Spelling Lists

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