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UPDATED: 28.06.2020. Miss. K apologises if not everything is on here yet. We are trying to get everything on but there's so much of it. You're all doing some incredible work! Sp proud, so so proud. 

Firstly, all of the staff in Year 2 want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you work sending work, cards, letters and messages to us. We LOVE to hear from you and it really brightens our day. We miss you all LOTS.

Secondly, we want to say WELL DONE for working so hard during these strange times. We are so proud of all of you and we are excited to see you work. 

On this page we will display all the work you send us as a celebration of all of your hard work. Send your work to

It might take me (Miss. K) a few days to get it all on here (I'm learning the website from scratch) but I promise to display the work you send. 

Next time you walk near school, have a look at the rainbow in the Year 2 window. You will have to walk down the alley way. Also in the top left is a HUGE HUG from Hattie. She kindly sent it into school to me (Miss. K) but I wanted to share her beautiful gesture with everyone. Thank you Hattie, your post really made my day. 

Please remember if you are sending any photos/videos of your child, please make sure they do not contain their name/age due to GDPR. Thank you. Please ask if you need clarification. 

KEEP SENDING US YOUR WALKING CHALLENGE TOTALS!! We have walked a long way so far...

Year 2 Lockdown Learning, Smiling, Exploring and Staying Safe.

Even more adventures from our incredible year 2 heroes. Smiling, learning and exploring even through lock down. How amazing?!










Here is some absolutely wonderful work by Lydia, she chose to do her topic challenge on giraffes. Thank you for teaching us so much about giraffes, we love it!! We are proud of you for producing such beautiful work. Miss. K especially loves how creative you have been with your bubble writing and loves the picture. Excellent work, keep it up Lydia.  

Next we have some beautiful, positive work from Isla - displayed with a wonderful smile too. Isla has shown us all so many positive things coming out of a hard time and given us some really happy things to focus on. It's so important to remind ourselves of the good things like extra time with family, everyone coming together and how well nature is flourishing. You're absolutely right Isla, so neatly presented and Miss. K loves the rainbow. We are all very proud of you, wonderful Isla - keep it going!

Next we have some absolutely 'out of this world' work from Tia. She put some incredible effort into her space project and has taught us so much (even Miss. K and you know how much she loves space!). Tia, your writing looks lovely and your drawing is beautifully detailed. Well done for getting so much done and making it look so fab! We are so proud of the great work you have done, keep it up!

Hattie has been so busy during her time off, as well as sending a really thoughtful note into school to make all the staff smile, she has been producing so much fabulous work. She chose to study chocolate for her topic project (good idea Hattie, Miss. K would have done cheese so she could eat lots). Hattie, we love all your work, it's all beautifully presented, we can see how much effort you've put in and it's all very thoughtful. We are very proud of you - keep up the great work!!

Rex has sent us some incredible work. He went to infinity and beyond with his space project producing some excellent work about the moon landing. Rex you have taught us loads about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing event, well done you. You know how much Miss. K loves space - your work is fascinating. Rex has also sent us a magnificent project about the different types of clouds - well done Rex. He's also written an amazing news report for us about space and nature looking so beautiful at this time. It is so nice to hear about all the positive things going on in the world at the moment Rex, thank you for that. Rex, your work is wonderfully presented and detailed, you've put in so much effort. Glad to hear you're still enjoying maths too. Well done you, keep it up - we are so proud of you!!



Coté has been working SO SO hard during her time off. She has sent us some beautiful photos of her rainbow picture, some wonderful writing, her Earth Day project and some colouring. Well done Coté!! Your writing is fantastic and I love your Earth Day work. I love all your suggestions about how to help the Earth stay healthy. Maybe you can help with our garden project now you're an earth expert! We are all so proud of you for working so hard. Keep it up Coté, you're doing amazing. 

Next we have some more incredible work from Hattie. Below is a picture of the fact file Hattie wrote for us about Cadbury's - anyone would think you like chocolate Hattie!! Well done, great facts. Hattie has also designed a fantastic 'wheel car', a wheelbarrow-car hybrid that you can drive all your garden waste straight to the tip in! What fun that would be. There is also a fab newspaper report from Hattie. Such wonderful work and lovely words, great title! Keep up the excellent work Hattie, we're all so proud!


Harley and Riley have been so busy. They've included their brother Kyan in all their learning and have been working as a family. It's amazing to see what they have been up to. Riley has been focusing on watching some tadpoles grow and making a note of their progress - I can't wait to see them when they get bigger! Harley has been growing some seeds and they're looking fantastic. Harley - maybe you can help me with the garden project at school? Well done all of you, it was lovely to hear everything you've been doing and how much you are loving learning outside. We are so proud of all of you!


Wow, Edith you have been busy. Look at all this wonderful work from Edith. She has done a wonderful project on the NHS including interviewing her Mama who is a real life NHS HERO. Well done Mama and Edith, this is a beautiful project. Edith has also been working really hard on her maths work and is making great progress. Edith has been exercising daily as she knows how important it is to keep moving. Well done you! All of your work is amazing Edith, we are so proud of you for staying so focused and working so hard through this difficult time. Thank you for teaching us so much about the NHS and give your Mama a huge THANK YOU from all of us. Excellent!

Edith's Fantastic Work

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Isaac has sent us LOADS of work. He has clearly been working so hard and has produced some fantastic stuff. Isaac has sent us an incredible project on Cricket, his Picasso artwork, some beautiful art work for Earth Day, his amazing robot invention and a wonderful book review. Isaac has also been exercising with his family, crafting and much more! Isaac - I'm astonished at how much work you have done!! We are all so proud of you, you're doing so well and your writing is really progressing. Keep up the excellent work Isaac and thank you so much for teaching us all so much about cricket. Miss. Kerwood really hopes someone makes your robot invention, it's SO cool!! I think we have a budding inventor in the class! 

Rex has sent us some more impressive work. Rex loved doing the scavenger hunt this week and has come up with some excellent answers. He's also done some additional maths work that we didn't even send home - great motivation Rex (Mum, you'll put me out of a job!). When I spoke to Rex's Mummy she said he was very busy with Daddy making an invention for Creativity and Innovation Day, I hope Daddy had as much fun as Rex did. Fantastic work, all of you! Rex tell Daddy he can have a raffle ticket. We're so proud of all of you. It's great to see how much progress you're making. Keep it up!

As well as sending a lovely letter into school, Lucy and her brother drew a beautiful picture. Below is a collection of picture of Lucy's London project. It's amazing! Thank you for teaching us so much about London. Your presentation and spelling are amazing Lucy. That model of Big Ben is absolutely fantastic, that must have taken you so long!! We love your pictures too, they're stunning as always. You're doing so well working so hard at home. We are all very proud of you! Miss. K will write back soon. 

Lydia has sent us some more work and we are thrilled. What amazing work Lydia, well done you. Miss. K is particularly impressed with your dedication to sticking to school work and making a pen pot - it's just like being at school except yours is prettier! We LOVE the happiness newspaper and hope everyone is clapping every week. Someone near Miss. K's house was setting off fireworks and banging a drum last week. We think you made an excellent choice for a second birthday and love your work about Gay Pride, what a fantastic flag! We hope your commitments to Earth are going well an can't wait to see what you send us next. The pictures and your presentation are amazing. Well done Lydia, we are so proud. 

Amelia has sent us a mountain of work and we are blown away by how much she's done! Amelia - we are so proud of you for working so hard during this time. It was so nice to talk to you and Mummy and hear all the amazing things you've been doing. As always Amelia your presentation is wonderful, your pictures are gorgeous and your maths is spot on! It's impressive. Keep up the fantastic work Amelia, we have loved looking at it. We can't wait to see what you send next. 

Belle has been sending us lots of photos of all her family adventures recently. It looks as though she has been having a wonderful time and been learning to do some brilliant things. Belle - we are so glad you're so happy and smiley! Along with all the the brilliant things Belle has been up to, shes still managing to find time to do her school work, get lots of reading in and draw beautiful pictures like the one below. Well done Belle - it's gorgeous. Miss. K loves the bees! Looks like you've been very 'buzz-y' lately! Keep 'bee-ing' happy and enjoying your work. We are all so proud of you Belle!! 

Next we have some more amazing work from Rex. He has sent us his plan for a new Year 2 garden and his fantastic answer to the Big Questions. Rex - we are seriously impressed by your answer to 'How could you travel the globe without flying'. We all really hope one day you will get to do this astonishing journey and that you will send us all a postcard.  There is so much detail and thought in your design for the garden Rex, so nice to see you thinking so thoroughly about the environment and wildlife. Miss. K loves the idea of a pond. Rex, you are doing a spectacular job. We are so proud of you working continuing to work so hard and producing some fantastic work. Your handwriting is looking lovely. 

Issac has been hard at work again! Well done sit, you're doing a fabulous job. As well as doing lots of art and science projects with his family, skipping along with Mrs. C, baking and checking up on a sneaky squirrel visitor - Isaac has found time to do all the following work. He's sent us an amazing garden design, an awesome Star Wars picture (one of Miss. K's favourites, it's Star Wars day today!!), some spectacular maths,  his fab jazz project and a wonderful word search (well done to Mum for that one too). We adore the garden design and the detail and thought that have gone into it. Well done Isaac.You've done so much and we are very proud! What lovely presentation too. Keep it up!

We have had an absolutely immense about of work sent in by Isabella. It looks like you've been working really hard with Daddy being an excellent teacher. Below is a fabulous selection of amazing work from Isabella. Isabella, you've done a wonderful job; your presentation is amazing and your drawings are beautiful! We especially love your autism project, your languages work, your NHS  project and your project on mercury. You've done some stunning work Isabella. It's so nice to see your progress during this time. We are very impressed. Well done you, you have taught us so much - we are SO proud of you. Big well done to Daddy too. Keep up the hard work. 


Next we have another update from Rex who has produced some more excellent work. Rex has sent us a wonderful project for African Day as well as some awesome work for National Midwife Day and an excellent project on the human lungs. What a fantastic job you've done Rex. Well done you! As always, we are very proud of you. Your handwriting is wonderful and we love the amount of detail you've put in is excellent. Thank you for teaching us so much about the Democratic Republic of Congo. Keep up the great work Rex, we are all so proud of you. 

Hattie has sent us some more excellent work re-planning the garden, teaching us about Africa, celebrating VE Day and even learning about sundials with Daddy. Very impressive Hattie, well done you. It seems like you're working so hard at home and producing some absolutely beautiful work. Miss. K especially loves your idea for the garden, it's always important to have a space to reflect. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what you'll do next. Keep up the great work and a big well done to Mummy and Daddy for all their hard work too. 

Lily has sent us some wonderful work along with a catch up of her time off. It sounds like you're having a great time Lily and working really hard. We are so impressed with what you've done, your presentation is amazing and we are seriously impressed that you are doing extra work in your textbooks that we didn't even send.Well done for keeping working on your spellings too! Keep up the fantastic work Lily, we are so SO proud of you and wait to see what you send us next. 

Amelia has sent us some wonderful work she did on VE Day about Morse Code. Amelia, it's excellent and we are super impressed with how well you've done. We also love your Earth Day project. Well done for continuing to work so hard and continuing to do so many amazing activities at home with your family. We are so proud of you and looking forward to your next lot of work!!

We have had the most beautiful work from Isla this week who had been celebrating International Migratory Bird Day. Isla your artwork is absolutely fabulous and your handwriting is looking gorgeous! Well done you. It's fantastic to see how much progress you're making at home. We are all really proud of you!! Keep it up. 

Hattie has been busy sending us even more work this week. She celebrated International Living in Peace Day with a wonderful piece of work. Well Done Hattie - it's fab. She's also sent us some excellent work on Florence Nightingale in celebration of her 200th birthday and International Nurses' Day. Hattie we are so proud of you, you've been very busy and your work is amazing. We are glad you're enjoying it. Keep it up! 

Joseph and his family have set themselves an incredible challenge. They've gone above and beyond our class Walking Challenge and set themselves the goal of walking 100 miles during lock down. That's right, you did read that right...100 MILES!! Well done Joseph and family. Joseph is sending us his step totals and I am sure with his help we will definitely make it to the top of at least Kilimanjaro!! 

Tia has also sent us her step total for the first week of the Walking Challenge and has walked an INCREDIBLE 35,557 ALREADY!! My goodness Tia, you must be tired. Well done for walking so far. You might to be able to get us to the top of Kilimanjaro all by yourself. Keep up the excellent work!!

We have been sent an awesome piece of nature artwork from Isla. Such a fabulous and effective idea. It's amazing Isla, well done. Miss. K might 'magpie' your idea for next year! Keep up the great work, we are very proud. 

Amelia has sent us another astonishing amount of amazing work. Well done Amelia, you're doing SO well and working so hard. It's lovely to see you doing so much with your family as well as working hard. Your work is fantastic, so neat and your maths is magnificent. We are so proud of you for carrying on for so many weeks. Well done Mum and Dad too!! Miss. K has made you a little gallery of photos as there was so much amazing stuff!

Here's more wonderful work from Lydia, who continues to WOW us with her excellent artwork and gorgeous writing. So pleased to see you working so hard but also really happy to hear from Mummy about all the lovely things you've been doing with your family. We love your garden design, it's awesome. Keep it up Lydia, we are so so proud of you. Well done Mummy too! Lydia, thank you so much for my birthday message!

Tia has sent us the most wonderful work on butterflies. We all love the artwork Tia. Well done you. It was great to see you last week and hear about everything you've been doing. Sounds like you're all working really hard but managing to do lots of fun stuff too. Well done all of you. Tia, thank you for sending us such excellent work - we are really proud of you! Keep it up. 

Hattie has continued to send us some fantastic work and we are so proud of you Hattie! Well done. Look at your incredible artwork and all the beautiful work on butterflies. There's some fantastic information about local landmark, Codnor Castle, accounts of lots of other wonderful family adventures AND a fantastic model inspired by D-Day. Keep up the amazing work, we LOVE it. You're doing so well and obviously keeping busy. We love seeing that you are still enthusiastic about learning and we are so grateful you are sharing it with us. Well done you and a huge well done to Mum and Dad too. 

Rex has blown us away with yet another amazing project. This time Rex has shown us his wonderful butterflies. He has documented their journey and loved seeing them develop. Rex was so excited to tell Miss. K all about them on the phone she could barely get a word in and you all know how unusual it is for Miss. K to be quiet!! Well done Rex, it was so great to hear you so excited by this! There's some wonderful work on classrooms of the world, a book review and a rocket launch. Wow Rex, you have been busy. We are so proud of you for continuing to work and for keeping up your enthusiasm for learning. Well done Mum and Dad too! 

Tia has astounded us all with some incredible craft projects she completed to celebrate UFO day and Rainforest Day. Well done Tia, they're out of this world. We love them and it's so nice to see you keeping busy and loving learning. We are so proud of you. Miss. K loved seeing you last week - keep being you and keep your chin up! You are doing so much better than you know, you are fantastic. 

Isaac has managed to find time between his sessions of cricket in the sun and playing with his sisters to send us some amazing writing. Isaac your writing is coming on so well and we are so chuffed to see you excelling. You're doing a fantastic job at home and getting so much done! Keep it up. Also, Miss. K really likes the sound of your fantasy tea party and would love to go! We are so proud of you Isaac.Well done Mum and Dad as well. You're all amazing.