The Enchanted Woodland

Visit to Shipley park Woodland party


*Research Andy Goldsworthy art and sculpture

*Design and make a bug house.

*Make a peg butterfly

Join us to make a fairy garden and improve our school grounds


*Recount of visit.

*Poster - A countryside code.

*Letter to fairies

*Acceptance letter for party.

*Recount of woodland party.

*Instructions for planting.

*A poster telling people how to

look after our fairy village.

*Woodland adjectives on


*Writing clues to places around

our school grounds.

*Drama We’re going on a bear



• Bug hunt

• Bark rubbings

• Bird spotting

• Making bird feeders

• Making a barefoot walk

• Treasure hunt around school grounds.

• A Bugs Life DVD



*Think about the seasons and

what will happen to the trees in

Shipley Park.

*Devise a map showing the

route around Shipley Park.

*Compare our school grounds

to Shipley Park, what is the

same, what is different?

*Keep a weather diary for a


*Look at the features of Shipley

Park – man made/ natural


*Make a woven twig pattern using a twig frame and wool.

*Use natural materials to make a picture (twigs, leaves, stones) *Design and make a tree boggart using clay

*Make a fairy garden Vincent Van Gogh (30th March 1853-29th July 1890 Dutch) Sunflowers

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