How parents can help Enchanted Woodland

Help your child prepare for their project

Woodlands are interesting places. Why not take a woodland walk and see which plants and creatures you can find?
Simple spotting books or apps will help you to identify unknown species. Alternatively, visit the local library and borrow
information and storybooks about woodland creatures to read together. You could also collect twigs, leaves, seed cases
and flowers to make natural art together outside. Remember to take photos before the wind blows your artwork away

Visit a woodland Make a picture using items found in a woodland
Read a story  Bird watch from your own garden

What is a woodland habitat? – BBC Bitesize
A one-minute animated video that gives a brief introduction to some of the plants and
animals that live in the woodland habitat.

For kids – RSPB
A range of games, activities, information and stories for children about British birds.