Key Stage 1 New Curriculum

In 2014 the Government brought out their new curriculum for all schools which has made changes in all subjects. Some of these changes have been good and have introduced new areas of learning which the children have found fun. Some changes have made learning harder for some children. This has been mostly felt in English and Maths since the content of what needs to be taught has increased.

In Year 2 the children will sit a test at the end of the year which will form a grade of the child's ability in that subject. The tests are in English and Maths and take the form of test papers which nationally all Year Two children will sit. The results of these test are reported to parents on their child's report in July.

Due to the New Curriculum the assessment process has also changed, teachers now assess the children's ability without using the grades we are accustomed to, i.e. in Year 2 the children could attain these grades - 2c, 2b, 2a and 3c. Now the children are graded against the terms - Emerging, Expected and Exceeding, and are assessed against the expectations for each Year group.

Emerging means the child is beginning to access the learning for their year group. They demonstrate a basic understanding of some of the expectations of that year group. 

Expected means the child is able to access the learning within that year group. They learn the new concepts and apply them in the work set by the teacher. 

Exceeding means the child is able to independently apply the concepts taught them and use them effectively in the work they are doing. These children are deepening their knowledge. This level is also known as Mastery. 

Look out for these grades on your child's report at the end of the year.  

School Curriculum


Here are copies of each year's teaching plan for the whole year. See what amazing topics we are doing over the year!


School Curriculum


The curriculum for Year One and Year Two has changed this year with lots of new topics to teach the children. The Main subjects are still there - Literacy, Numeracy and Science but Geography and History are combined and called Humanities, and ICT is now called Computing. So you don't miss out on all these exciting changes here are a few new headings in some subjects your child will be learning this year :-

Year One

Humanities - Why can't a Meerkat live in the North Pole?

                     Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong brave people?

                      Would the Beatles have won X Factor?


Science - Why are Humans not like Tigers?

                Which birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in Shipley Park? 


R.E. - What does it mean to belong?

          Where can you go to Worship?


Year Two 

Humanities - What would Dora the Explorer find exciting about our town?

                     Where would you prefer to live - England or Africa?

                     How have Rosa Park & Nelson Mandela helped to make the world a better



Science - Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?

                How do plants grow?


D.T - Puppets

         Joseph's coat of many colours



PE Coaches

This year our sports coach will be Mr Smith who is new to our school. He will teach a range of sports through out the year and our new school PE day with the coach will be Tuesday. Mr Smith will also run the After school club on Tuesday so look out for the club letter sent out at the start of each new term.