How parents can help Rio de Vida

Help your child prepare for their project

Celebrations are exciting for everyone. Why not look through some old photos together and talk about any celebrations
taking place in the pictures? You could also plan a party and choose the decorations, food and music together.
Alternatively, use a children’s atlas to discover countries around the world. Read the name of each country carefully and
find out what it would be like to live there.


Carnival Rio de Janeiro Stunning Parade! – YouTube
Footage of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival samba parade.
Carnevale di Venezia 2018 – YouTube
A three-minute video of the Venice Carnival.
Oruro Carnival 2013 – YouTube
A one-minute advert including a montage of clips taken during the Oruro Carnival.
Brazilian carnival costumes – BBC Bitesize
A five-minute video following 20-year-old carnival costume-maker, Lucile.
Celebrating Carnival – CBeebies
A short video showing a little girl taking part in the Notting Hill Carnival.
History of Carnival –
Teacher information about the history of the Rio Carnival, the different events and samba.