Bright Lights, Big City

Fire Station visit Partake Theatre Company 


*Look at statues/sculptures in London.

*Make a sculpture using clay.

*Build a house from the GFOL era

Traditional British afternoon tea 


*Write and design an

invitation for a party.

*Recount of the tea party

*Postcard from on holiday

*Descriptions of UK landmarks

*Write a letter to the Queen

*Write a diary account of Great

Fire Of London using 5 senses.

*Fact file on Great Fire Of

London answering questions

about what happened.


*Research the great fire of London. *Create a timeline of the Great Fire of London

*Learn about significant individuals- complete a Fact file on the Queen *Compare London houses/ streets to now.

*Compare the modern fire service and what was available in 1666.


*Name and identify the

countries which make up the

UK on a map.

*Identify landmarks of London

and describe them.

*Understand geographical

similarities & differences

through studying a city

(London) to a town (Heanor)


*Create a painting representing fire mixing colours.

*Sketch London buildings looking at detail.

*Learn about artist LS Lowry who created building landscapes / match sticks

*Create a model of a building, in groups, using different textured materials (fabric for curtains, bricks and straw for the roof) Sir Christopher Michael Wren (20 Oct 1632 – 25 Feb 1723- British architect)

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