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Corfield Church of England Infant School



Dear Parents/carers,


All the staff and Governors of Corfield C of E Infant School would like to say a huge thank you for your continued support and patience during this unprecedented time for all of us.

I would like to reassure you that we have done everything we can to minimise risks for the children’s return next week. I understand you will naturally have concerns regarding your child’s return to school and hope that the following information based on current Department for Education guidelines will alleviate some of those concerns.

All children will be expected to wear full school uniform and attendance from September is mandatory. When your child has PE, they will need to attend school in their PE kit as we are unable to help them change. Children are able to wear jogging bottoms in grey/black due to the weather.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries we are here to help. This must be done by telephone or Email as no adults will be allowed entry into School at the current time.



Wednesday 2nd September Inset day. School closed to pupils.

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September- Welcome back year 1 and Year 2 pupils

Monday 7th September- Welcome new reception pupils on their phased entry to School. Monday (7th) – Wednesday (9th) reception will be in school until 1pm. Thursday (10th) onward they will be in full time.


Start/End of School day arrangements

Year Group

Start Time

Drop-off point

Finish Time

Collection point


8:50 – 9:00am

In the playground outside the Headteacher’s office.

2:55 – 3:05pm

In the playground, outside the Headteacher’s office. Exit the school premises via the side gate.

Year 1

9:00 – 9:10am

Parents to leave children at side gate, (children to enter the playground by themselves)

3:05 – 3:15pm

Yellow zone – exit the school premises via the car park gate.

Year 2

8:45 – 8:55am

Parents to leave children at side gate, (children to enter playground by themselves)

3:05 – 3:15pm

Blue zone – exit the school premises via the side school gate.

Gate will close promptly at 9:10am. Any child arriving after this time should report to the school office.

No parents will be allowed admittance into the school without a pre-arranged appointment. Miss Black will take your child to their respective classroom.


How the children will be organised in School

  • Each class will be a ‘bubble’.
  • Each class will have a clearly marked entry and exit route which must be adhered to.
  • Children will remain in their ‘bubble’ for the whole day.
  • At no point will they mix with children from another ‘bubble’.

Toilet access will be closely monitored so no two classes are using the toilets at the same time. The number of children in the toilets at any one time will be closely monitored. 

Children will be reminded to remain 1 metre apart as much as possible, but you can appreciate this is very difficult with very young children. In year 1 and 2 the desks will be arranged in rows with all children facing the front, children will use the same desk and chair every day.


Classroom organisation

Each class has a specific start and end of day time which must be followed to enable safe access into the school building for all the children in their allotted time and that the children do not ‘mix’ on entry and exit to the school building.

Each child will have their own basket of appropriate provided school resources, which only they will use, these items will be cleaned regularly. Children will be sat in rows facing the front with a 1 metre distance between desks.

Only book bags and lunch boxes will be brought into the classroom. Each child will place their book bag into their named tray. Lunch boxes will be placed in a box within the classroom. Drinks bottles will be placed on the child’s desk. Please ensure that lunch boxes and bottles are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Resources can be shared amongst the children within the class bubble and will be cleaned every day.

Reading books are located within each classroom. Reading books will be distributed on a Monday whenever possible and must be returned on Fridays to enable them to be left for 72 hours before being reused.

Only essential classroom furniture remains in the classrooms to enable the recommended 1 metre distancing wherever possible.


Playtime organisation

Each class bubble will have an allocated area of the playground and field (weather permitting) that they will have access to. The children will remain and play only with children from their own class bubble. Playtime resources will be available for all children in each bubble and will be cleaned at the end of each School day.

Playtime healthy snacks and milk will be provided by the School, we request that no snacks are brought into School from home please.

The staff from each bubble will supervise the class bubble at playtimes. Children will have access to the toilets as usual during playtime and this will be monitored to enable 1 metre distancing wherever possible.

First aid can be administered, staff will wear gloves and parents notified by medi-tracker.


Lunchtime organisation

Lunchtime arrangements will change from September. Each class bubble will eat in their own classroom, not the school hall.

Children will wash and sanitise their hands before dinner, children will collect their school dinners from the hall using a 1 metre distancing, one-way system and eat at their own desks. Each class bubble will collect their dinners in a specific time slot. All areas will be cleaned prior to dinner time. Each class bubble will be provided with its own set of cutlery; lunchtime staff will hand out any items children require. Lunchtime staff will be a on a one-week rota and spend a week at a time with each bubble, with one lunchtime staff monitoring toilets.

Children will have access to the outside area during lunchtime, remaining in their bubbles and supervised by the same lunchtime staff for the week.

Children having packed lunches should wherever possible bring their lunch in disposable paper bags, drinks, and containers so these can be disposed of safely in School. However, if parents prefer to use lunch boxes, please ensure these are cleaned thoroughly overnight before use the next day.


What children can bring into school

Children should only bring their book bag to school and packed lunch where appropriate. A disposable bottle of water. A fleece or coat clearly labelled with their name. Children should not bring any personal items from home to school.

No PE bags need to be brought in, as children will be expected to wear PE kit on the days their class has PE. They will wear their PE kit all day.

(PE begins w/c 14th September)


Reception – Monday & Friday

Year 1 – Thursday & Friday

Year 2 – Monday & Thursday

If your child needs to take a prescribed medication and this needs to be brought in everyday this should be clearly marked with the GP details and dose amount. The medication must be delivered to the school office and a medication consent form completed by the parent/carer.

If the weather is very warm your child may need to bring in a hat, this will be kept in their book bag in their tray until they need to use it. In extremely hot weather we would recommend administering sunscreen before your child comes to school and not to bring sun screen in from home please.


Maintaining a safe environment in School

  • We have hygiene kits in each classroom, including cleaning products and equipment. Surfaces are cleaned regularly, and all equipment is cleaned in between use.
  • We have removed lots of the equipment and items from the rooms to ensure surfaces are easily cleaned.
  • Most soft furnishings have been removed from classrooms.
  • Children are expected to wash their hands multiple times throughout the day; members of staff will be available to support and supervise handwashing where it is appropriate, and we have visual reminders in all the toilets and sink areas about good handwashing. Each class has a separate hand washing facility.
  • We have plenty of tissues and remind children about good nasal hygiene. `Catch it, bin it, kill it’ Used tissues will be disposed of in clearly labelled lidded bins.
  • We have supplies of hand-gel throughout the school and children are expected to use this regularly (in addition to handwashing). Children will continue to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. Hand gel will also be available.
  • Department for Education guidance states clearly that masks should not be worn by children. If your child wears a mask to school, please remove it before they enter the building, and take it home with you. Should the Government’s position on the wearing of face masks in school change, we will contact you.
  • Staff will continue to use personal protective equipment (PPE) as set out in the DfE guidance. Aprons, gloves and face masks will be available to them for specific purposes. Staff will not wear PPE as part of normal daily practice.
  • Cleaning arrangements will remain enhanced. High frequency touch points and equipment will be regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  • Classroom doors will be propped open (where safe to do so) to limit the use of door handles and aid ventilation. Windows will be open during the day.
  • Shared materials and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.


If a child or member of staff displays symptoms of COVID-19 and is unwell.

  • If your child begins to display symptoms of the virus (a new, continuous cough, a high temperature, a loss of or change in their normal sense of taste or smell) you will be contacted to collect him/her from school immediately. You will be advised to follow ‘Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection’.
  • You will need to arrange a test via the NHS website. If the test is positive, your child must self-isolate for at least 7 days. Other members of the household should self-isolate for 14 days. If the test is negative, your child may return to school once they feel better. The same rules apply to any member of staff displaying symptoms at work.
  • If a positive test result is confirmed, we will contact the local Public Health Protection Team. They will conduct a risk assessment and tell us if a bubble needs to close. If we close a bubble, then both staff and children within the bubble must self-isolate at home and should be monitored for any symptoms for 14 days. Other members of the household do NOT need to self-isolate unless their child starts to show symptoms. Siblings who are in other bubbles at school may continue to attend school.
  • If we have two or more confirmed cases within 14 days, or an overall rise in sickness absence where coronavirus (COVID-19) is suspected, we may have an outbreak. If this is the case, we will continue to work with our local Public Health Protection Team who will be able to advise if additional action is required. This could involve a whole-school closure.
  • Any child who is unwell for any reason, however minor, must stay at home until they are completely well. Parents/Carers must inform School on the first day of absence by 9.10 to explain the reason for their child’s absence.


Home School communication.

There is a lot of information to absorb, and as a School we will endeavour to keep you updated in a timely manner.

If your child receives medical/first aid treatment during the day you will be notified by medi-tracker.

Please ensure your mobile contact details are up to date with Miss Black in the School Office.

We will continue to post regular updates on our School website and will alert you by text or Email to direct you to recent information.

Class pages for your child on the school website will also have regular updates and information so check them regularly.

Unfortunately, under current Department for Education guidance we must reduce the number of adults entering the school building to a minimum. If you need to speak to any member of staff wherever possible please pre-arrange this.

If your child is unwell and is unable to attend school due to confirmed positive COVID-19 test. We will endeavour to send work home for your child to complete at home.


Thank you for taking the time to read this updated information.


All the staff at Corfield C of E Infant School are excited to see all our children back in School, enjoying and engaged with their learning. If you have any concerns or worries, I hope this information has reassured you that as a School we are doing everything we can to enable your child to return to a safe learning environment. Please contact School if you have any additional concerns.


Mrs L. Bignall.


Please read the letter here.

It is very important that you respond to let the health services know whether you consent/ do not consent for your child to have the flu jab. Please follow the instructions on the letter.

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