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Corfield Church of England Infant School

Moon Zoom

Alien Crash Scene & Library visit



*Design and make a rocket/ Moon buggy

*Make a model of the solar system

17th May Space facts writing day 


*Write a description of a new

alien using 2A, P

*Write a newspaper report

about Neil Armstrong

*Create an advert for their

moon buggy *Write a non-

chronological report about the

solar system.

*Write a diary account about

landing on the moon.


*Learn about significant individuals and create a poster about Neil Armstrong

*Fact file on Buzz Aldrin

*History of space travel – Timeline. *Order how rockets have changed over time.


*Use geographical features to

create a new space planet and

label its key features.

*Devise a simple map; and use

and construct basic symbols in

a key (map of new planet and


*Compare school environment

to space (use simple fieldwork

and observational skills to study

school and its grounds and the

key human and physical

features of its surrounding




*Draw and design aliens with different patterns (use different media)

* Learn about the artist Bonestell who created space paintings. John Stezaker British conceptual artist. Draw portrait, cut in half attach 2 different together

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