Wriggle and Crawl

Let's go to the woods in Shipley Park to do a minibeast hunt. Let's find out what lives in the tress, bushes and on the ground. 


  • Why do Bees make honey and how?
  • What's the purpose of camouflage?
  • Symmetrical patterns

  • Minibeast hunt at school - what live in our playground?
  • Create some new bug homes to put around our playground. 
  • Write a guide book about minibeasts
  • Read and write minibeast stories
  • Create some poems about minibeasts.
  • Investigate the lifestyle of minibeasts. 
  • Investigate - do snails have noses?
  • Where do snails live?
  • Do insects have favourite colours?
  •  Lets find out where certain minibeasts live - under the ground, on plants, in the trees?
  • See how many different species live in a small area of our playground - do a filed study. 
  • Create some minibeasts sculpture using strips of card.
  • Create drawings of minibeasts and paintings .
  • Create some animation of minibeasts
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