Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Lets get mucky!

Get your hands stuck into various dry and wet materials - tell your teacher how they feel. Add whater and see how textures change. 

Make some salt dough.

Create a simple stop animation film.

Create a pizza with interesting topping.

Make some bread


3D sculptures using modroc / paper mache

Mud sculptures


Revolting recopies - let's create our own revolting recipe. 

Mr Messy - Let's learn all about what he does all day and copy him.

Write captions to our own artwork.


Find out how Kandinsky Created his paintings.

Investigate artists




Food tasting from around the world. - fruits, sweets and biscuits.  

Create abstract art in the style of Pollack and Kandinsky

Bubble art

Finger Painting like Seurat

Hand prints

Ice cube art

Art History - Kandinsky, Pollack

Mud sculptures in the playground

Look at work by Carl Warner - list different types.


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