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How are you all? Safe and well we hope.

Firstly let us say a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you that wrote to us this week. We have all had a VERY busy week but WILL write back to you as soon as we can, we have not forgotten you!

Miss. K enjoyed speaking to a few more of you this week and hearing all of your news. It sounds like you're all working really hard but most importantly that you are happy! Your grown ups are working so hard trying to keep you all happy and it sounds like they're doing a PERFECT job. (Grown ups - keep it up and like Miss. K said, you can only do so much...don't worry! Wellbeing is paramount during this uncertain and stressful time)

We know it looks like a lot of work this week but it isn't. A lot of it is super fun resources for you to download and use. We have some VERY special celebrations coming up this week. We have already heard about exciting things your families are doing to celebrate VE Day but we would love to know more. It is such an important day to learn about and celebrate. We have put on some excellent resources to support your fun celebrations as well as information about National Walking Month, Local Community and History Month, Star Wars Day, Deaf Awareness Week, National Asthma Awareness Day, African World Heritage Day, Sun Awareness Week and plenty more. It's a whole week of wonderful things to celebrate so have a look. 

Check out our walking challenge! 

YOUR WORK: We love EVERYTHING you send. There is so much of it coming it we have a little back log so please bear with us. It will go on, we promise. We are having so sooooo much work sent in that we are running out of room to display everything beautiful you've sent! This means that over the next few days we will be changing the 'Celebrate Our Work' page, do not worry if some of your work disappears or moves. We are still seeing it all and will still give you feedback. You can always send us work. 

So, here we go again....

MATHS: Complete the Quick Maths document followed by the Shape Revision and Measure Revision work. 

PHONICS + SPELLING: Carry on as usual. There is a bonus word search in there for you!

LITERACY: There is a lot to celebrate this week so we are sure you'll be very busy. This means we have given slightly less literacy than usual but you can always use your literacy skills in your topic work. Read the Literacy Lost Sock document and HAVE FUN with it. Miss. K is excited about this one!!

PE: Have a look at the Keeping Active document for a few new links. Keep up with Joe Wicks and the circuit documents from previous weeks. 

WELLBEING: This month is Meaningful May - there is a happiness calendar for you to follow. It gives you a task every day that will hopefully make you or someone you love feel happy. There is nothing more rewarding than making someone else happy so think about what you can do to put a smile on someones face. 

READING: Please keep reading every day! Think about how far you will have all gone on the reading rainbow when we get back! You'll all be in that pot of gold. 

TOPIC: Please look at the Topic Challenges document, it will explain all the other documents we haven't mentioned yet. It will also give you plenty of ideas for projects you can do this week. There are plenty to choose from, you don't have to do them all but if you want to - we certainly won't stop you!

WALKING CHALLENGE: We have set ourselves a walking challenge, we are all walking every day but wouldn't it be amazing to see how far we could get together? Read the Walking Challenge document to see what the challenge is for this week. WE WOULD LOVE YOU TO ALL GET INVOLVED!!


Good luck and stay safe. Keep sending us your photos (they will be online as quick as possible) and we will be replying to your letters soon. Keep checking the 'A BIG HELLO" page this week for more messages from Mrs. C, Mrs. H and your first message from Miss. K. 

We can't wait to see you. Fingers crossed we are back to school soon! Stay safe, stay smiley. 

Miss. K, Mrs. C and Mrs. H xx :)

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