Pupil Premium


The Government have set up a fund that allows schools some additional money to help support certain children. The document below explains how the money is spent in school.

We have 18 children eligible for pupil premium and in 2015/16 will receive £22,440. This is equivalent to £1320 per pupil.

The cost of a level 2 teaching assistant 5 afternoons per week is approximately £7117.00

We employ 3 teaching assistants in the afternoons to work with specifically with pupil premium children. Their timetables ensure that they take small groups and individuals out of the classroom to do targeted intervention. This comes to a total cost of £21,353.00.

As much of the intervention work is practical, three cameras were purchased at a cost of £300 so that children’s practical activities could be monitored and assessed.

In addition to this we have employed an extra teaching assistant which ensures that each class has a teaching assistant for both literacy and numeracy everyday which allows for targeted small group work within the class lessons.

With remaining £1087.00 we are able to offer enrichment activities for pupil premium children at half the cost that the other children pay. As we offer 2 out of area visits per year £126 X 2 = £252 ensures that the children are able to attend the visits without causing unnecessary hardship.

Each of the children eligible for pupil premium receive a set of 10 books during the summer term to ensure that they are able to take part in our ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ and to help to reduced reading capability which sometimes happens over the long summer break. The cost of this is £180.

To ensure that our disadvantaged children feel included we provide some school uniform when they start school which has the school logo on it. This comes to a cost of £300.

All our pupil premium eligible children can access after-school clubs free. 20 children took advantage of this in 13-14 at a cost of £120.

£200 has been spent on new games to help children develop both social skills and phonic awareness.

PE kit or other essentials for school are provided for those children who need one.