Do you know that it is important to stay safe on the internet? Computers play a big part in children's lives today and there are so many different devices that allow easy access to the internet - iPads, mobile phones, laptops and computers are only a few that children can use. Do you know as a parent it is vital that you know what your child is exposed to on the internet and here is one way that can help. Hector is a dolphin that stays in the corner of your desktop waiting to cover the screen if something pops up that your child is not happy seeing. He is a free download from the website think u know, a New Zealand based company that specialise in Internet safety. They work closely with CEOP which is the Child Exploitation & Online Protection agency. CEOP is a company that helps to keep all children safe on the internet and has links with Child Line. Please visit their website to find out more about them.

To help you download Hector the dolphin on to your computer please check out the PDF below which will show you step by step what to do.