Privacy Notice:

Information about pupils in schools and children in early years settings. 

Data Protection Act 1998: How we use your information

We process personal information relating to our pupils and may receive information about them from their previous school or college, local authority, the Department for Education (DfE) and the Learning Records Service. We hold this personal data to: 

  • support our pupils’ learning
  • monitor and report on their progress
  • provide appropriate pastoral care; and
  • assess the quality of our servicesInformation about our pupils that we hold will include their contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information, any exclusion information, where they go after they leave us and personal characteristics such as their ethnic group, any special educational needs they may have as well as relevant medical information. 

We will not give information about you to anyone without your consent unless the law and our policies allow us to. 

We are required, by law, to pass certain information about our pupils to our local authority (LA) and the Department for Education (DfE).  

If you need more information about how our local authority and/or DfE collect and use your information, please visit: 

If you want to receive a copy of the information about you that we hold, please contact Miss Jenkins in the school office.

School Brochure




British Values

At Corfield Infant School we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all pupils, staff and families. We undertake a variety of events and lessons to celebrate these. We have found this approach to be enriching for all parties as it teaches tolerance and respect for the differences in our community and the wider world. Underpinning this is a range of curriculum topics which have strong links to British History.

In their time here, pupils will learn about Queen Elizabeth II, The Royal Family, Florence Nightingale and British popular culture. November 11th is always marked by the whole school.


Pupils will also be taught to share values such as tolerance and respect for others, regardless of creed, colour or background. They will be taught to be curious about their world and to appreciate our hard won freedoms and to observe and question unfairness wherever they meet it. They will also celebrate our nation’s historical strengths in these areas.


Other occasions which bring the nation together are also marked by appropriate events, such as special assemblies introducing national and local news items (eg about Royal babies or Sporting achievements).


On a more general level, the school undertakes daily assemblies which uphold traditional values of empathy, respect and tolerance. These are also taught within PSHE and RE lessons and on an informal nature throughout the school day.


In their words and deeds, our pupils, staff and Governors strive to promote the values which set a standard for all to live by in Britain.