Welcome to the Governors’ pages.

Perhaps you have always wondered who your school Governors are and what they actually do.

You may also have heard from your child that ‘grown ups’ visit their lessons or help them during their Phonics sessions and again ask yourself who they are and why they are in school. Hopefully this web page will give you an insight as to the various roles of the governors and an indication of when they are in school and why.

The school’s Governing body is made up from various members of the community who have a wide range of backgrounds, skills, knowledge and experience. The Governors work collectively to support the school and participate in decisions that directly affect the education and well- being of the children attending. The Headteacher Mrs McKinley is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and the implementation of policy but the Governors assist her and her staff by monitoring and keeping under review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.

A Governor’s term of office lasts for four years and during this time they attend six meeting annually. Each Governor is also a member of a sub- committee that meet separately once a term to oversee specific areas within the school such as Health and Safety and the Curriculum and they then report all findings back to the Governing Body.

The Curriculum Committee will be the adults that your children often see in school as they become actively involved in school life to monitor the curriculum in action. We hope in future to use this web page to inform you of their visits and what aspect of the curriculum they are coming to observe.

So who are your school Governors and what sub-committees do they belong to?


Here are our Governors from left to right - Mr Garwood, Mrs Merriman, Mrs Emery, Mrs Gratton,  Mr Guy, Mrs Humphrey, Mr Smith, Ms Nixon and Mrs Stirland.