Street Detectives

Take a walk around the local area to see what clues we can find

  • Investigate how sound is made
  • Know that sound waves are all around us
  • Find out how far sound can travel

 End of topic class assembly

This term we will be writing using a variety of genres. These will include:





  • Investigate changes within living memory
  • Learn about significant people
  • Find out about places and events in the local area
  • Fieldwork in the local area and observational
  • skills to study the geography of our school and it’s grounds
  • Looking for the key human and physical features of our surrounding environment
  • Using compass directions and
  • directional language to describe locations and routes
  • Using and making maps with keys
  • Using aerial photographs to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features. 
Drawing, painting and collaging views from the local area How to help at home please click